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Renee Wilson

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I've been involved in real estate for the last 12 years.  In 2000 my husband and I bought a 2 bedroom 2 bath house in North Beach, MD as an investment property.  The house was in horrible shape, we had to redo quite alot of it.    But after that we kept it for awhile and rented it out, then sold it and bought something else.  Since then we've bought another property and are working on dividing that into 2 rentals.  So about 5 years ago I decided, I would get my license, took all the classes, passed all the tests and am a Realtor now at EXIT By the Bay Realty. 

I am experienced in Short Sales and enjoy helping people with selling their home- I have a great marketing campaign and even have a plan for your home, if it doesn't sell within 90 days or so. 

I also love to look at properties and help people find a home that fits their needs and wants.  I have Alot of experience with investment properties and have a few investors that keep me busy.

Please call me at 443-532-6244 or email me at  Thanks so much!

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